<tree-table> provides a jQuery treeTable. It is used like the standard Hobo table with a couple of minor additional requirements.

Rows are expected to implement two additional methods: typed_id and parent.

All Hobo models implement typed_id so you only have to provide it if the rows in your table are not Hobo models. For our purposes, typed_id returns a unique id.

The parent method is what we use to determine the table hierarchy. This method is expected to return the object’s parent or nil if the object has no parents.

This tag does not sort the rows, they must be provided in an order appropriate for the hierarchy.


  • All options supported by jQuery treeTable are supported as attributes to this tag.

  • parent-method: the method to call to get the parent. Defaults to “parent”.

  • reveal: set to the object you wish to initially display revealed

  • All other attributes are passed through to the table tag.

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