This is the Bootstrap typeahead.

If you do not provide a source option, this tag will essentially provide a default similar to this:

<typeahead:project source="&Project.find(:all, :limit => 5000).map {|p| p.name}" />

The javascript options supported by Bootstrap typeahead may be provided either as a function name or a javascript snippet. For example, case sensitive match:

<typeahead matcher="arguments[0].indexOf(this.query)>=0"/>


You may only supply one of data-source, source, or completer-path

  • source: the list of items that may be matched, as a Ruby array.
  • source-function: a Javascript function that returns the list of items for a query. See the Bootstrap typeahead documentation for more details
  • completer-path: the path to a hobo autocomplete action. See <name-one> for more information. In fact, you’re better off using <name-one> directly.

Other attributes:

  • items: The max number of items to display in the dropdown.
  • minLength: The minimum character length needed before triggering autocomplete suggestions
  • placeholder: the placeholder to display when the input has no value
  • matcher, sorter, updater, highlighter: javascript functions

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