2.0.0.pre8: final prerelease

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2013-02-04

I’m proud to announce the release of Hobo 2.0.0.pre8. We’re planning on releasing this as 2.0.0 final in a week or so if no significant issues are found, so please test this release against your applications.

This release has been tested against Rails 3.2.11 on Ruby 1.9.3-p374, Ruby 1.8.7-p378 and JRuby 1.7.2.


The vast majority of updates to Hobo for 2.0.0.pre8 were to the documentation.

  • The default theme has been changed to Bootstrap

  • MarkdownString will now use Kramdown, RDiscount or Maruku in preference to Bluecloth if these are available.

Minor Changes

  • <sortable-input-many> and <sortable-collection> have been moved to the hobo_jquery_ui gem

  • fix for recognize_page_path when used for non-GET requests

  • fix for AJAX response when no part is specified

  • <view> has gained a force attribute

  • ILIKE is now used for automatic scopes on Postgres

  • hobo_login now respects the return code of its block

  • the user class now works without a lifecycle

  • fixes for non-empty relative url root