Official hobo repository is now github:Hobo/hobo

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2012-10-02

The official master Hobo repository has been moved from git:// to git:// tablatom/hobo will remain a mirror of Hobo/hobo for at least the full lifetime of Hobo 2.0.

Other moves:

  • suyccom/hobo_bootstrap => Hobo/hobo_bootstrap
  • tablatom/hobo_cookbook => Hobo/hobo_cookbook
  • tablatom/hobo_cookbook/manual => Hobo/hobo/doc/manual and Hobo/hobodoc/doc/manual
  • bryanlarsen/will_paginate => Hobo/will_paginate

We plan on being very liberal with commit access to most of these repositories. If you make a pull request you may just find yourself on the contributors team. Here’s our policy:

Contributors will have push/pull access to almost everything in the Hobo org except for core Hobo. To get added to Contributors just ask. Please be polite with other people's repositories. If you're fixing documentation or trivial typos, just go ahead and push. Otherwise a pull request is still the polite thing to do. If you've created a plugin or an example for Hobo, I'd love to add it to the Hobo organization, but moving it into the Hobo organization is not a requirement for the inclusion of your repository into the Hobo Cookbook.