Hobo 1.0RC3

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2010-01-21

I’m pleased to announce the release of Hobo 1.0RC3 (AKA 0.9.104). We hope that this will be the last release candidate before 1.0.

A large amount of the effort between the last two releases has gone into testing and into the documentation.

Here’s the changelog:


The new input-many introduced in 0.9.103 had issues with >10 elements, several issues running with IE7 and an issue with its javascript callbacks.


x._?.to_s now returns nil rather than a blank string


If you previously had a snippet such as this:

<table fields="this, date, account.login">

You now have to use:

<table fields="this, date, account.login">

The same change has been applied to <field-list>


hobo_index now supports the :scope option

See also the git log