This Week in Edge Hobo

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-04-28

Here’s what’s been happening the last 3 weeks in Hobo.

Automated Tests

Unit tests have been updated, and integration tests have been added. More information is available in this post.

Rails 2.3 Support

Hobo finally supports Rails 2.3.  More information, and instructions on how to upgrade are available in this post

The Push for Hobo 1.0

As Tom mentioned we hope to get Hobo 1.0rc1 out soon.  The code is frozen, we’re only fixing bugs.  Please ensure you’ve entered any bugs you find in our Lighthouse so we don’t miss any. And if you have any changes of your own, please send patches or pull requests quickly.

Hobo –no-rails

The --no-rails option was added to the hobo command to make it available when hobo is run as a plugin.  See this recipe for more details on how to upgrade to a plugin

Bugs Fixed