Automated Tests for Hobo

Posted by Bryan Larsen on 2009-04-24

I’ve been a sponsored member of the Hobo team for about 2 weeks now. One of my first acts was to fix bug 368.  In the process, I created Bug 400!  It’s a good thing that one of my focuses will be to increase the Hobo test coverage.

Unit Tests

Hobo has a set of unit tests and doctests.  I’ve updated these so that they all pass.  To run them:

    rake test_all

You may have to install/upgrade rubydoctest:

    gem sources -a
    sudo gem install bryanlarsen-rubydoctest

Integration Tests —————–

I’ve created several integration tests for Hobo.  Integration tests live in Agility.

There are two different types of integration tests in Agility: Webrat and Selenium.

To run the webrat tests:

    rake test:integration

To run the selenium tests:

    vi config/selenium.yml  # edit appropriately
    script/server -e test -p 3001 &
    rake test:acceptance