Release Reflections

Posted by Tom on 2006-12-24

Well it feels great to finally have Hobo out there. We’ve had about 800-900 visits to the site since the launch, 32 downloads of the gem, and who-knows-how-many downloads from the subversion repository because svnserve doesn’t seem to log anything :-)

Oh and around 4.5GB of traffic on the screencast, which is about 360 views assuming everyone downloaded the whole thing (which I’m sure they didn’t!). All of which has cost us a little over a dollar thanks to the incomparable Amazon S3 service. Just awesome.

We had one slip-up in that I completely forgot to mention the dependency on Rails 1.2, so don’t forget to:

gem install rails --source -y

(and don’t worry when the version it reports back isn’t 1.2)

We’ve had some nice feedback - thanks very much to you all! The one comment I was waiting for turned up on reddit:

It’s the Django admin site/TurboGears Catwalk for Rails?

I’d say no - that would be Streamlined. I was expecting this because we’ve all seen a site pop-up from nowhere with these great tools. What’s different about Hobo is that the resulting site is not just for admins. In fact you can sorta-kinda already see that in the screencast. Thanks to the permission system Hobo is creating different views (with different capabilities) for the guest user, a registered user and “admin”.

But the real eye-opener will hopefully come with the next screencast - where POD will be transformed in no-time-flat into a clean, easy to use, ready to rock-and-roll site. I’m really looking forward to putting that out, but there’s a couple of extra bells and whistles I’m going to attach to Hobo first, just to make the process oh-so-smooth :-)

First up though - I think it’s time for some cheer and merriment. Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays or just Happy Happy - take your pick :-)